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Amenity and Capshaw Designs are a team and Together We Will Make Your Home Amazing!

Choose the premier home design service in Casper, WY

Good interior designers are everywhere. Great designers are harder to come by. Capshaw Designs is the trusted home design service in Casper, WY. That's because we do what other designers won't do: listen. Capshaw Designs will discuss your vision in great detail to see what needs to be done. After we've gathered what you need, we'll turn about and provide you with stunning home decor that's simple yet stylish.

When it comes to your home, you shouldn't settle for good enough. Get an outstanding home design service from Capshaw Designs by calling Amenity (307)262-9539 or Capshaw Designs (307)259-9210 today.

We consider the big picture

We consider the big picture

Interior design is more than just good looks. You need to factor in comfort and function too. Our team combines form, function and appearance by:

  • Incorporating different twists and styles
  • Using high-quality pieces of decor
  • Making each space appealing

It all starts with your vision. Discuss your dream design today.