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Home decor does much more than fill your room. It defines who you are, what you like and how you live. At Amenity we believe that design is more than just looks. It should blend substance, function and comfort together around your central vision. That's why our home decor company carries professional home decor in a variety of styles and brands. You'll get decor that takes your dream home and makes it a reality.

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Our local home decor company is designed with one person in mind: you. That's why we'll always:

  • Listen to your needs
  • Answer any questions
  • Address any concerns
  • Provide advice and suggestions
  • Offer high-quality home decor

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Home Decor Made Simple

Tired of cheap home decor that's shipped across the globe? At Amenity, we've got professional home decor that's high-quality and sourced from reputable brands. You'll find all sorts of home items, including:


Pick the perfect decor accessories that accentuate your sense of style


We offer wide variety of styles that's built for quality and comfort


Illuminate your home with a designer lamp from our store


Sleep easier knowing your bedding is tailored to your needs


Bring the great outdoors inside your home


Find the perfect gift for your friends and family

Need help with your design? Capshaw Design will discuss your vision and pick the right products for your residence. Choose our professional home décor today.